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Rubber Matting Solutions

Rubber matting solutions for anti-fatigue and anti-slip benefits

Work Well Mats predominantly focuses on rubber matting solutions. Our rubber matting solutions include anti-fatigue matting, work mats, electrical matting, anti-static matting, entrance matting, floor and bench protection and more.

As a manufacturer of rubber matting products, we can provide reliable solutions for every application from engineering workshops, production lines, warehouses, catering environments through to school entrances, retailers and commercial premises.

Understanding the purpose of rubber matting is key to selecting the most appropriate rubber mat for your application. Some common reasons from rubber matting are:

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Some products from our RUBBER MATTING solutions range are:

Engineering workshop anti-fatigue mat
Custom Anti-fatigue Large Rubber Mat
Ulti-Mat Rubber Mat in Use
Euro-Mat Anti-Fatigue Mat In Use
Ergo-Tred (Surface Corner)


An exceptionally versatile anti-fatigue mat giving the ultimate in worker comfort. Suction cup base prevents the mat slipping making it a safe solution. Heavy duty all rubber construction suitable for all dry standing areas.

  • Air cushioned domes designed to encourage the user to keep moving, encouraging blood flow around the body, reducing strain and stress on the body.
  • Solid top surface for dry applications.
  • Quality stand mat or workshop mat
  • Customisable to any size and shape.
  • Greaseproof and other options available on request.
  • 10 year life expectancy
  • Section: Anti-Fatigue Mats & Matting
Comfy-Grip Anti-Fatigue Mat Corner Surface Detail


The heavy duty anti-fatigue mat designed around the industrial workers daily tasks gives stability and comfort. A highly anti-slip finish to a greaseproof mat gives durability and ensures longevity.

  • A stud covered bubble top oil resistant anti-fatigue mat increases user awareness and delivers maximum anti-fatigue benefits.
  • Stud pattern provides a highly non-slip surface for wet & oily applications.
  • Unique underside suction cup design provides an excellent solution to slippery floors.
  • Uniquely designed hi-visibility yellow ramped edges ensures maximum drainage and directs unwanted spills away from the mat.
  • Customisable to any size and shape.
  • 10 year life expectancy.
  • Section: Anti-Fatigue Mats & Matting
Euro-Mat Surface Corner Detail


The anti-fatigue mat that combines comfort, durability and ease of cleaning into one package . Underside suction cup design, increases traction to painted or slippery floors, making it a safe mat to work on. Ultimately increasing worker awareness and productivity.

  • Checker plate pattern gives the mat a non-slip easy to clean surface.
  • Underside suction cup design increases traction to painted and slippery surfaces.
  • Hi-visibility yellow ramped edges.
  • Flat top design for those who may have identified potential “foot roll”.
  • Solid top surface for dry applications.
  • Customisable to any size and shape.
  • 10 year life expectancy.
  • Section: Anti-Fatigue Mats & Matting
Yellow Edge Detail


The most economical anti-fatigue matting solution for those with dry working environments. A light and easy to handle product makes it a brilliant solution for a fast installation and a quick return on investment.

  • Light/medium duty anti-fatigue matting for use in dry areas.
  • Cushioned foam PVC construction giving excellent anti-fatigue properties.
  • Ribbed surface for anti-slip protection.
  • Insulates your feet against cold concrete floors.
  • Bevelled edges with colour options
  • Cleans easily with mop, broom or hose.
  • Optional static dissipative material (anti-static) – see Soft-Step Anti-Static.
  • Section: Anti-Fatigue Mats & Matting
Dura-Tred Anti-Fatigue Mat - Surface Corner Detail


The flexible PVC anti-fatigue matting that provides comfort and safety in areas where chemicals and oil is being used. The non-slip diamond top finish can be supplied in a roll up to 18.3 metres making it one of the longest anti-fatigue mats for the toughest of applications.

  • Checker-plate pattern gives a great visual appearance and offers an ultimate anti-slip surface.
  • Slight gradient hi-visibility yellow bevelled edge.
  • PVC top and an aerated foam base provides a soft but firm footing that gives increased performance to the user.
  • Solid top surface for dry applications.
  • Oil and chemical resistant.
  • A very tough and durable product designed for the most demanding applications.
  • Alternative widths available on request with the option to have your mat cut to length.
  • Section: Anti-Fatigue Mats & Matting
Hygi-Mat Catering Anti-Fatigue Mat


The ultimate catering anti-fatigue mat and anti-slip solution for kitchens and clean rooms. Superior design significantly reduces potential areas to trap dirt. The lightweight construction facilitates easy cleaning and maintenance.

  • Matrix design allows for drainage of water, oil and general debris.
  • Designed for the food & drink industry where hygiene levels are of a high standard.
  • 50mm enlarged ramp reduces slips, trips and falls.
  • Underside suction cup profile provides anti-fatigue cushioning and holds mat firmly in place.
  • Highly formulated nitrile rubber makes it greaseproof and stops hardening and cracking over time.
  • 10 year life expectancy.
  • Section: Anti-Fatigue Mats & Matting
Opti-Mat Surface Corner Detail


A premium anti-fatigue mat with a specialised rubber formulation. It offers the ultimate solution to a light and easy to handle product. Underside suction cups holds the mat to the floor in wet environments, therefore setting itself as the superior anti-fatigue mat. Directional drainage grooves remove water and debris making your workplace a safer environment.

  • Unique 18mm thick construction promotes comfort and productivity.
  • Underside suction cup design increases traction to painted and slippery surfaces.
  • Raised surface provides a highly anti-slip surface for wet working conditions.
  • Grease resistant nitrile compound.
  • Directional drainage grooves & ramped edges for wet and oily environments.
  • Customisable to any size and shape.
  • 10 year life expectancy.
  • Section: Anti-Fatigue Mats & Matting
Surface Corner Detail - Open Top Rubber Mat


A cost effective open top rubber mat. An anti-slip mat designed to make the working environment safer. The open top design allows for drainage of water and accumulated debris. This heavy duty mat lifts the user off any slippery surfaces and gives comfort and relief to the body.

  • Open top design allows for drainage of water and accumulated debris.
  • Raised grip points increase traction in oily and wet conditions.
  • Increases worker awareness and productivity.
  • Ramped edges reduces any trip hazard.
  • Customisable to any size and shape.
  • Greaseproof and other options available on request.
  • 10 year life expectancy.
  • Section: Anti-Fatigue Mats & Matting
Link-Tile Open Top Surface Corner Detail

Link-Tile Open Top

A quick to install heavy duty rubber interlocking tile designed to give your floor a quality anti-slip finish and the user comfort. The open top design maximises drainage of debris and water ensuring a safe surface to walk on. The extremely durable mat is the ultimate professional anti-fatigue flooring solution for wet areas.

  • Heavy duty moulded open top natural rubber construction.
  • Anti-fatigue and comfort properties.
  • Interlocking edge to create the size you require.
  • Options for hi-visibility interlocking yellow ramped edges.
  • Open top surface for wet and dry applications.
  • Customisable to most sizes and shapes.
  • Will withstand extreme temperatures.
  • 10 year life expectancy.
  • Compatible with Link-Tile Solid Top mats for versatility.
  • Section: Anti-Fatigue Mats & Matting


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