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Protect your work surfaces

surface protection
At Work Well Mats we have developed a comprehensive range of surface protection matting to help maintain the condition of floors and equipment as required by The Workplace Regulations. It can also double up as anti-slip flooring that helps protect your workforce in potentially hazardous areas. There are several applications withing surface protection matting such as tool storage and workbench protection, heavy duty floor protection and ultra heavy-duty machine and tooling protection matting.

Tool Storage and Workbench Protection
This usually requires light to medium duty solutions. Our range covers solutions from light duty ribbed rubber to medium duty oil resistant commercial rubber. This helps keep your tool stations and workbenches looking presentable and improves longevity.

Floor Protection
Floor protection matting can protection the floor from dropped tools, materials, and trolleys as well as general wear and tear. It can also provide effective slip resistance and anti-fatigue properties which benefit the workforce in that area. Custom sizes and shapes are available upon request.

Machinery/Tooling Protection
The Industri-Grip is ultra heavy-duty matting that can be used to sit moulds on, driven over with heavy machinery and protect the floor from heavy tooling. It features steel cables running through the middle to provide extra strength and durability. It is made from a dense rubber that is grooved to provide extra traction.floor protection rubber mat

Floor protection matting
Link-Tile Solid-Top Anti-Fatigue Mat In Use
PVC Link-Tile - In Use
Fine Rib Surface Corner Detail

Fine Rib Rubber

Lightweight slip resistant hard wearing and durable fine ribbed rubber matting, excellent for use in aisles, corridors and workshops. Ideal for protection on workbenches, tool boxes and trays.

Broad Ribbed Sheeting Rolled

Broad Rib

Heavy duty slip resistant directional ribbed surface rubber matting to withstand tough everyday use. It is often used for lining vehicle bodies.

lat Plate Insertion Surface and Back Detail

Insertion Rubber

A smooth finish rubber matting with a cotton insertion to strengthen and protect the rubber from tearing. It is often used for partitions walls, work benches and table tops.

Continuous Roll Surface Corner Detail

Continuous Roll

This hardwearing anti-slip rubber sheeting is the ultimate option for joint-free walkways and floors. With a cotton insertion and a hammer top finish, this durable sheeting is safe to walk on and will not tear easily.

Dura Floor Roll Showing Surface (Black) and Backing (Orange)

Dura Floor

Tough, non-slip linen textured rubber sheeting for general floor and bench protection.

Industri-Grip Corner Detail


The ultimate heavy duty rubber matting solution for floor protection. Tested and proven, this matting will endure daily abuse and protect your floors from weights around 30 ton. An extremely tough and durable rubber compound inlaid with 5mm cable adds a new dimension to floor protection.


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