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Large Rubber Mat - Custom Solutions

Large Rubber Mat - Custom Solutions, Bespoke Products for Safe and Comfortable Solutions

Having the right sized large mat is important for safety, purpose and appearance. With every application being different, there is a need for custom sized rubber mats. You can customise and buy your large rubber today by using our Customat Tool. This tool has been created to make the selection and specification of your large rubber mat fast and easy


Work Well Mats manufacturers custom sized mats to meet your requirements. Therefore, whether it is a larger rubber mat or a custom printed entrance mat, we have the ability to meet your requirements. As a result, having manufactured large rubber mats in semi-circles and 35 metre long large rubber mats for production lines, our experience allows us to meet every requirement you have. Select your mat, shape and size today and buy online using the Customat Tool

Call us today on 01295 757157 or send us an email at sales@workwellmats.co.uk


There are 3 main areas where custom large rubber mats are required:

  1. Anti-Fatigue Matting – Large rubber mats are used on production lines, packing benches and workstations in engineering workshops. Often there is fixed equipment in place which requires a custom shape, but our experiences with large rubber matting allows us to overcome these challenges.
  2. Entrance matting – Every building entrance is a different sized mat but a large rubber mat can serve two purposes. One, it will remove dirt a moisture from traffic passing over the mat. Therefore, This protects the floors and the rest of the building. Secondly, the large rubber mat can act as a brilliant marketing tool, promoting your brand. Printed large mats are a cost-effective way of delivering a message which your clients enter your building.
  3. Anti-Slip Matting – Joint free walkways are critical for the safety of all users. Large rubber mats are used to provide joint free, anti-slip solutions for walkways, roof areas and pool side applications. While we can customise our rubber matting solutions to any size and shape required, we also stock rubber sheeting on the roll in widths up to 2.4 metres and lengths up to 50 metres.

Contact us today on 01295 757157 or visit Customat to specify and buy your custom mat today.

Custom Anti-fatigue Large Rubber Mat

Large rubber mat installed on on a production line for anti-fatigue and anti-slip benefits. A custom shape was designed to suit trolleys and the existing processes

Engineering workshop anti-fatigue mat

Bubble top large rubber anti-fatigue mat, customised to suit customers requirements

Logo-Mat - Custom Printed Entrance Mat In use

Custom printed large rubber mat used in a commercial entrance


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