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Mats Slipping?

The time to get a grip of what you are standing on

Did you know that of all the non-fatal injuries to employees reported in a year, 29% of them were classified as a ‘Slip, trip or fall on the same level’. This was the most common non-fatal injury during 2016/2017.

One of the common solutions to prevent some slipping on wet and oily surfaces is by using a mat.  An incorrectly specified mat can, in some cases, escalate the hazard. In these cases, the mat is not suitable for the application and will slip on the floor making it dangerous for the user.

Work Well Mats has developed a range of anti-fatigue mats to resolve this issue. This involves a suction cup on the base of the mat which holds the mat to the floor when in use. Furthermore, the suction cup allows for compression, increasing fatigue relief for the user.

These anti-fatigue mats create a safe and comfortable environment as well as giving confidence to the user when being used in wet conditions. The mats in this range are:


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