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Equipment or Floors Being Damaged?

Floor and Bench Protection Solutions

Why let your floors, work benches or equipment be damaged when there are ways to protect them? You may be working with delicate electrical equipment or moving very heavy tooling – Work Well Mats has a solution for every application.

Work Bench Protection

We have a range of different rubber matting rolls designed for protecting your work benches. These include


Lightweight slip resistant hard wearing and durable rubber matting.

Broad Rib

Heavy duty slip resistant directional ribbed surface rubber matting to withstand tough everyday use.

Penny Washer

An attractive patterned hard-wearing rubber matting roll providing a slip resistant surface.

Surface and Back of Matting

Flat Plate Insertion

A smooth finish rubber matting with a cotton insertion to strengthen and protect the rubber from tearing.

Floor Protection

Whether it be daily foot traffic or 25-ton injection moulding tools, we have a solution.


The ultimate solution to floor protection. Tested and proven, this matting will endure daily abuse and protect your floors from weights around 30 ton. An extremely tough and durable rubber compound inlaid with 5mm cable adds a new dimension to floor protection.

Continuous Roll

This 2.4m wide hardwearing anti-slip rubber sheeting is the ultimate option for joint-free walkways and floors. With a cotton insertion and a hammer top finish, this durable sheeting is safe to walk on and will not tear easily.

Dura Floor

4mm thick, tough, non-slip linen textured rubber sheeting for general floor and bench protection.


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