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Tired and Aching Team?

The battle against worker fatigue

Work Well Mats have over 24 years’ experience in providing effective solutions to physical fatigue suffered by workers. Prolonged standing on hard floors causes leg, knee, back and neck problems. Muscles become tired and weary and varicose veins can develop due to restricted blood flow against gravity up through the legs. The pressure of a hard floor can cause stiffness and tension in the back, shoulders and neck. These health hazards can cause lower productivity, poor quality, absenteeism in the workforce and even compensation and insurance costs.

Whether you are:

  • Standing on a cold industrial floor by a machine or on a production line;
  • On a warehouse floor by a despatch or packaging bench;
  • In a high-tech laboratory research facility; or even
  • Serving customers at a retail counter…

… we have the answer for your needs.

Increase productivity by stopping fatigue setting in

Ease the stiffness in neck and shoulders which cause headaches

Reduce the pressure which prolonged standing puts on the spine and strain on the back muscles which commonly gives rise to lower back pain

Halve the amount of energy used up to support muscles in the back and legs

Stimulate circulation guarding against varicose veins which can develop due to restricted blood flow up through the legs

Encourage frequent foot movement as users move their feet more regularly to adapt to underfoot cushioning, assisting healthy blood circulation

Reduce arch and heel pain caused by flattening of the feet


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